Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(Yogi) Bear Lake

We are home from a lovely vacation. Any ideas on where we went? Here are a few clues (as if the Title didn't already give it away). Our trip involved:

1. Sunscreen. Buckets of it.

2. Goggles (?) and life jackets.3. Raspberry shakes.4. And these views.When I asked Eliza to share with me what she liked best about Bear Lake, she exclaimed,

"EVERYTHING!" And while I am pleased as punch that she enjoyed it all, I'm left with the task of specifying a few of those happy memories on her behalf.

Eliza's Favorites:

No surprise here; Eliza loved spending time with her cousins; the nightly sleepover in the upstairs loft, watching movies and playing on the beach.
Next up on her (Mom's) list: Craft time with Nana Marie.Nana brought shirts for the kids to tie-dye and a table cloth for them to decorate.

Soon after we arrived, the lake was renamed: "Yogi Bear Lake" in honor of the week's movie of choice. Cousin Kate had the idea to draw Yogi Bear on the table cloth. The idea soon spread (get it?) as the cloth was decorated with several versions of Yogi and Boo Boo. Eliza's version of the duo were especially impressive to her Mom.
And finally, she enjoyed her time on the boat and swimming in the lake.

Henry's Favorites:

Napping on the boat.Playing in the sand with dump trucks and wading in the lake.Exploring with Eliza.And yes, he loved playing with the cousins too!His absolute lowest moment of the trip came when Andrew and I encouraged (read: forced) him to water ski with Andrew. The poor child was absolutely freaked out of his mind. Yes, I feel like a terrible parent but you should hear the kid talk about it (now). He is so proud of himself but adamant that he will never do it again.

Lottie's Favorites:
Little Miss Lottie was a PEACH on the trip. Seriously. No complaints here. She loved being outside. She easily went to sleep in the pack and play on the beach (when needed) and did so well on the boat.

She was surrounded by smiling faces and "eager to hold you" arms.
Andrew's Favorites:

Captain Flegal was at the helm of his parent's boat (who graciously allowed us to use it) for most of the trip. Tube wars, wake board flips and watching his wife water ski, were memorable moments for him (right, Andrew?). While on the topic of Andrew, I have to say that for those involved, watching him help get three nieces up on water ski's was highly entertaining.Look closely and you'll see Andrew's face. He wouldn't let go until they did. What a champ.

Ali's Favorites:

This group vacation with the entire Mays clan was a first. I loved it.

It would be sufficient to type a big fat DITTO to what I already wrote in regards to the moments I enjoyed most. The two "honorable mentions" that remain are watching my Mom laugh her head off on the tube and stepping into the role of "storyteller" per the request of the kids. They ate up my nonsense which I found totally gratifying.Until next time.


Karen said...

Looks so fun!!!

Jennifer Anne said...

I love all the pictures! Who could have gotten your children to smile so for the last family pic? Good times good times! Special thanks to Captain Andrew and Story Time Ali! We had so much fun with you guys!

Liz Green said...

What a fun outing with family. I love Bear Lake. It makes me get all emotional seeing pictures of people boating. I am missing out on my favorite activity growing up.