Thursday, August 18, 2011

a 'classic' anniversary

Yesterday was our seventh wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?! That's pretty special if you ask me. Wanting to honor our day, we thought nothing could be more special than to celebrate our love with 40+ cub scouts at Classic Water Park.

"Oooh La La" is RIGHT!

My eternal companion is also an eternal boy scout! Soon after moving into the area, Andrew was called to be the Cub Master ( that deserves to be capitalized, right?) of three wards. Last night provided them with the opportunity to meet for the first time as the park had been reserved especially for his troop, which is a decent size! Lucky for the kids and I, families were invited.

Andrew was nothing but business as he welcomed the guests and dutifully served ice cream cones. I tended to the children as they explored the water play area designed especially for youngsters.Both children vehemently rejected our offers to go down the water slides with us.

Did that stop Andrew from coaxing Eliza to walk to the top of the "minnow" slide to check out the view? After making our way to the top, I hear him say:

"Hey Eliza, come feel the water!" Innocent and pure, she trustingly walks forward to dangle her hand in the spray of water. BAM! He scoops her up into his arms and off they go. She is simultaneously screaming and laughing as they make their way down the slide.

Henry, on the other hand wanted no part of it. I don't blame him. I'm certain the experience of being "encouraged" to water ski at Bear Lake is still fresh in his mind. After getting his fill of the water he opted to watch the kids go down the slides, eat an ice cream cone and snuggle with his Mama.

Here's the obligatory, 'Lottie sits in the stroller' photo:She is so good when we're out and about. If she's outside and has people to stare it, she is set. A few of our friends were kind to hold her, but for the most part she sat in my lap or in her stroller... happy as a clam.

On his way up to the slides, Andrew notice a snake which he proceeded to catch (naturally). Momentarily, the snake became the most interesting thing at the water park. I'm glad he was able to leave the boys with an impression of things to come. The night went well with the exception of a minor injury.

Fortunately (?) the only one who went home needing stitches was the Cub Master himself after the Barracuda slide served him a slice of humble pie. A friend offered to watch our kids so we could do a run together. Pretty swoon worthy right?

Feeling tentative, I suggest we go down the medium scariest slide.

"This is a kids park! Go big or go home!" He says confidently as he hits the slide with momentum. I watch in horror as he FLIES down the first hill. He's unintentionally catching air, flipping off his mat and is soon out of sight as I decide instantly that the Barracuda is not the slide for me.

Neither one of us caught the memo that you are to LAY DOWN when riding the slides which is why we both hit our heads pretty hard coming down. Andrew's glasses cut his upper eye lid but fortunately he was able to retrieve them after they fell off. It was an intense minute when he came out of the water with a bleeding eyelid which I'm sure confirmed to our kids that their decisions to opt out was smart.

It was a very fun way to spend our day and in true flegal fashion it's unsurprising that we kept with our tradition of having an out of the norm, wedding anniversary. Do you remember our third anniversary? We spent 15 hours on a plane traveling back home from our three month stay in Germany. That was lovely. Or how about our fifth anniversary when I was struggling to recover from a nasty bout of pneumonia and our the incredibly awesome Michelle Blaser brought us dinner? And then there was last year when I wrote you an incredibly sentimental poem which I suddenly felt insecure about so I deleted it?

I love you Andrew and am so grateful for the life we've created together. You are my best friend and I remain convinced that you were tailored made for me. Here's to forever.


rachel garber said...

Happy anniversary! Apparently I've been peeking into your life for four years now . . . since you were in Germany. Too crazy. Someday we really need to meet, especially now that you're just a state over from me!

*Jess* said...

Happy Anniversary! And I love your new blog header :)

Liz Green said...

What a fun way to celebrate! You 2 were made for each other. Cheers to both of you for 7 happy years of marriage.

Cheryl & Kyle said...

kyle is an eternal scouter as well and is the Cub Master in our ward too:)

love your blog header, so witty, just like you

Michelle said...

Oh Ali, that doesn't suprise me a bit. I think your anniversaries have to show you what a great husband you have! Happy Anniversary, I'm sad I couldn't make you a romantic dinner this year!

Jessica said...

I love Classic water slides, that brings back a lot of memories! We spent our anniversary (which is the exact same as yours, remember?) apart, I was with the YW making butter beer and custard pastries from a Harry Potter cook book. Ha ha! We're so cool. Happy anniversary to our wedding day twins!