Tuesday, September 6, 2011

climb every mountain. or not...

I'm not sure how it happened but what I thought would be a leisure stroll around the boardwalk at Silver Lake (see photo below), evolved into a strenuous climb up to Twins Lake. I was prepared to type the words, "grueling" and "exhaustive" to aid in my description of our hiking adventure. However, when I researched the web for additional details, I was humbled to see that this hike was labeled, "Easy."

Really?!? For this out of shape girl, that tidbit of information was salt in my already aching wounds. I could blame the misery on the inadequate shoes that I was wearing, but I think my spouse {who carried Lottie in the pack AND Henry on his shoulders} said it best when he gently said,

"I think, that if we... you know, exercised more it would not have seemed so difficult."

It was kind of him to include his manly self into his thought but like I said, he was an ox. So yes, let's get him in better shape just to find out if he could manage carrying all the kids next time.

The kids loved it. Eliza didn't murmur once, which I hate to admit, surprised me. Henry grew tired a few times, but they both had great attitudes. They didn't seem to notice the rocky inclines the way I did.Good news for Ali. We made it. As an added bonus, the temperature was ideal for hiking and thankfully the rain held off.

The day was spent with my parents and the Chamberlain family. Eliza was thrilled to be with Callie and Mia. Listening to them play off each others imaginations was a delight. Watching Eliza squeeze into the Chamberlain's family pictures and hold Ami's hand on the steep slopes down, heightened my suspicion that she would soon be asking to be adopted into their clan. Somehow we managed to steal her back into our car for the drive home.

Speaking of the drive home, it was a quiet one.

And that right there friends, is the mark of a memorable weekend.


Karen said...

oh, I love Silver Lake!

Amanda said...

I love that last picture, sooooo cute!

jamie t. said...

That last picture is every mother's dream!

Liz Green said...

What a fun outing. Makes me miss the mountains.

Unknown said...

I think hiking with kids bumps he difficulty level up. :D You are awesome to hang in there!