Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Henry's World

When he comes home bare foot, caked in dirt, dripping wet and happily whispering,
 "Mucky Muck, Mucky Muck, Mucky Muck..." you don't need to bother asking if he had fun at his play-date.
{total blast, Mom!}

Speaking of dirt, Henry's favorite past time is hunting for worms.
 (this is my view from my kitchen window)
According to Andrew, the weekend worm total = 70 (+). Per his Daddy's suggestion, Henry returns them to the dirt when he's through playing with them so he has worms to collect the next day.
Nothing makes my skin crawl like a bowl of fresh worms; even so, Henry's managed to add an element of "adorable" to his new creeptacular hobby.

 Happy digging!

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Catherine said...

haha like Elmo's world, but Henry's WAY cuter than the furry red monster that sings lalalalala too much if you ask me. We like to dig for worms at our house, too. That's what childhood should be like...digging for worms. :)