Friday, September 2, 2011

getting to know you

Hurricane Irene, among other natural disasters, have prompted several conversations between the spouse and I regarding our 72 hour kits, food storage and the need to solidify a family emergency plan. I should also give credit to Eliza, for it is her nightly prayer that we'll be spared of any "tornado, earthquake, hot lava and hurricane" that consistently reminds us that we are all vulnerable to the possibility of a disaster.

A big part of me is tempted to offer her every assurance that our family is exempt from catastrophe. But because that would be deceitful, Andrew and I have re-adjusted our focus on the need to prepare; teaching her (hopefully) that if we do all we can to ready ourselves, we can extend our faith to Heaven and pray that the Lord will carry us through the rest.

Now that your sufficiently bored, I wanted to share a brief exchange between Andrew and me while discussing this particular topic.

With my eyes fixed on the laptop, I remark,

"I think we should save for a generator." Andrew takes a moment to consider my suggestion before he counters,

"Or," He pauses thoughtfully, "we should make one." Privately, I debate if he is giving himself a twisted sort of challenge or if he's being serious.

"I didn't know you could make a generator." Instantly, he's laughing. Having captured my attention completely I take in his expression. It reads,

"You have got to be kidding me!" Finally he asks,

"Do you know what I do at work all day?" Suddenly, I have an idea behind the source of his laughter. I reply,

"What?" I can't help but smile. I feel somewhat embarrassed as he states, in a matter of fact tone,

"I design generators." And then, because he can't help himself he adds, "I'm surprised you didn't know that."

I don't have a chance to explain what it was that I thought he was doing at work all day because his hearty laughter has transitioned into an extensive explanation of how, if he had to, he could turn our washing machine into a generator in the event of a disaster.

So... in case anyone else was wondering what Andrew did for a living... He designs generators; specifically the kind that support air conditioners for airplanes while sitting on the jet way?!? Oh crap. I don't really know.

As for what he does when he's off the clock...
He tows his kids, nieces and nephews around the yard via the lawn mower. Because apparently, he hasn't had the time to construct a "generator" or whatever it is that's required to power the jeep.
And then, he tricks said children into competing for a quarter by seeing who can fill a plastic bag with weeds from the sunflower patch the fastest. I can't help but laugh when I see how tan Scott is compared to Henry. Henry's Mom has a faithful sidekick is named SPF 75 and Henry couldn't help but inherit her skin tone.

Continuing with the theme of energy, Andrew happily conserved his own as they "weeded" the garden on his behalf.

p.s. I really love our sunflower patch; weeds and all.

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julie said...

I love your description of Eliza. As we prepare for our move to the South next summer, I find myself thinking about the same kind of prayers I'll be offering on our own family's behalf! You make a good point, that if we do all we can to prepare then we can ask the Lord for assistance to help us through whatever trials we may encounter.

Your yard looks amazing, and it looks like the kids love it too!