Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look what Grandma caught!

You can imagine his enthusiastic response when Nanna asked him to tell her about his special worm collection.

Having arrived a few minutes early, Nanna Marie and Aunt Ami had time to indulge Henry in his game of show and tell. Giving them both a generous view of the orange bubble container that had been given the new assignment of housing his latest creepy finds, Henry blabbered on about their size, the quantity and the skill required to catch so many.

We wished him well as we made our way out the door. Following dinner at Zupas, we made our way to my Church building. The myriad of women dressed in their Sunday best at Zupas, had confirmed that women's conference was that night. However, the desolate parking lot of my church building told a different story. Apparently, my stake had access to tickets to watch it live at the conference center, so it wasn't available anywhere near my home. Brilliant Andrew had the idea that we watch it online (after offering to hook it up to the t.v. screen). I'd happily take my couch over a church bench any day. Sweet.

Fighting my exhaustion, as I had not yet recovered from Park City sleepover, I did my best to ignore the impulse to lay down and to... rest... my....(*yawning) tired, so tired, eyes. Meanwhile, my Mother, well... she was fighting something else. 

I look over to see that she is agitated. Not only that, but she is fidgeting, which is uncharacteristic for someone as consistently poised as she is. 

"I think," she pauses to stand, "that there is something crawling by my stomach?" She sounds as confused as Ami and I feel. Wondering if Henry's worms grossed her out or if she ate something wrong, I watch as she excuses herself to the bathroom to investigate.

What followed was a series of freaked out moans. Her wordless tirade of discomfort was laced with disgust. Finally, cute little Marie (as I lovingly call her), squeals. Tossing her dress onto the laundry room floor she retreats back into the bathroom, fearful that Andrew may suddenly appear.

"Ali, shake it out!" Smiling, I collect her dress. I can't help but laugh as I walk her dress outside. I hear her mutter the word, "grasshopper" and " between the lining of my dress!" I'm prepared, at least I thought I was, to see the creature. Wondering if the small bug escaped already, I give her dress one final, hard shake.

"Bleh!!!!!" I scream. It's huge! And ugly and OH MY GOSH, Mom! That was crawling by your stomach! Say it with me girls!
"Ugh!" So gross. No wonder she was slightly traumatized. We resumed watching women's conference. Her thoughts were mixed:

"What if I hadn't been wearing this belt and that THING crawled up to my neck..." and, "what if, I had been driving my car when I noticed it..." etc. As for me, I was thanking my lucky stars her little friend didn't get lost in my house. 


In regards to women's conference, how eloquent is Elder Uchdorf? Like the grasshopper, his talk was moving. Another take away from conference is the memory of my Mom jumping up from the couch as a result of that less than cute bug. So yes, in more ways than one, women's conference was uplifting.{Ba-dum-CHING}.

(... and yes, I saved the grasshopper for Henry to play with. Here's hoping that Henry doesn't see this as a challenge to "one-up" his Nanna in the bug collecting department!)


Karen said...


Trav and Lizzie said...

Oh man, last year- you guys were apart from everyone, this year, you go to women's conference with your mom AND sister. From one temporary orphan to another, life is MUCH better with a mommy close by!

Liz Green said...

Andrew and kids are always full of surprises. I remember chasing grass hoppers when I was young.

rachel garber said...

I love Henry's new adventure with bugs. It's too cute. And it makes for hilarious stories :)