Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Double the Blessing

This July, Brent and Katie welcomed their sweet babies, James and Ellie into their home.

The whole lot of us are smitten, Andrew included, which is why the two of us were found disagreeing over who has spent the most time holding them. As we traveled to Salt Lake this weekend, we were both insistent that the other parent would be needed to occupy Lottie as she tends to feel a little left out at times.
I will admit that I am greedy. Seriously though, can you blame me?!

Andrew had the brilliant idea of sleeping over at his parent's on Sunday. Lucky for us, his Mom completely supported the plan. Homemade pizza, newborn baby snuggles and a few extra hours of conversation added to a fun night away from home.

The next morning, Ellie and James came back to play. They must have heard that we were having waffles.Henry spent a fair amount of time up on the counter observing Nanna's culinary greatness as well as watching Aunt Katie give her babes a bath in the over sized kitchen sink.Having been lured outside by the beauty of the morning, Eliza unexpectedly befriended a cute little girl who lives next door which led to a long play date at the neighbor's house.

As for Lottie, she was content to play with Nanna's toys. However, every once in awhile, she'd tune into her Mother who was happily engaging with other babies. Army crawling at top speed, she'd stand herself up at my chair and squawk until James or Ellie were dethroned from my lap.
What she doesn't realize is that in a blink those babies will want nothing to do with me and everything to do with her. Their time will come.

And finally, I would like to tip my hat to Brent and Katie for meeting the needs of their children with such grace and love. It is tiring just watching Katie as she bounces from one task to the next, usually with a baby in her arms. The multi-tasking skills that I have been honing for the past five years, Katie has seamlessly mastered in the last seven weeks. She is amazing and Brent, who had never changed a diaper prior to their arrival, jumps right in the second he's home from work.

Three cheers for the Jensen's! We love you!


Karen said...

That is amazing for them! And fun that the twins are boy and girl.

tortured mormon mom said...

and now I want to hold them!

CarrieAnne said...

You'll have to tell Brent "Gratulerer så mye med de to søte babyene dere har fått! Vi fikk første gutten vår i april og det er mye jobb men masse kos! Det var kjekt å få se dem :)"

Can you pass that on for me?!? ;) Haha!

Thanks for posting pictures of them, that was fun to see them.