Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Fair-y Fun Night

Dear Andrew,

Stepping out of the car last night, I felt myself hesitate. Was leaving the stroller and umbrella at home the right decision? The rain had begun to fall as we drove to the elementary school for the much anticipated family fun fair. Swallowing my self doubt, I unbuckled Lottie from her car seat and watched as she happily joined Eliza and Henry on the sidewalk. 
 Their enthusiasm was the antidote my cautious mood needed. Who cares if we get wet. We were going to roll with it. How is that for a solid dose of sunshine?
 "Rain clouds? Meh."

Future self take note: bring the stroller. Whether or not it's occupied with a child, it's a great way to stash the goodies that are thus accumulated.

Returning to my letter format, you won't be surprised to know, dear Andrew, that our first stop was to the crazy hair station. There was music. The kids jammed.
 Finally it was their turn. Lottie and I waited in the wings.
 Henry's {awesome} reveal came first.
 Eliza's hair-do was more elaborate.
Face painting came next. 
Henry was super hesitant. He shot down each suggestion and seemed content to sit back and observe. However, as soon as I said the words, "Spiderman web" he lit up! Eliza wanted a mustache. I talked her out of it... which looking back, was a mistake. If she wants a mustache, LET THE GIRL GET A MUSTACHE. Her rainbow was still fun though.

Finally, it was time to hit the cafeteria. Yay dinner yay. You'll be happy to know that in the sea of chaos and confusion, we landed a spot next to some of our favorite people. It was nice to take a time out and chat with Kim and a friend she introduced me too. With the bounce houses nearby, the older two kids excused themselves after they were through eating their cookies and ignoring their hot dogs. Ha ha ha... They actually did pretty good. 

The cafeteria proved a dangerous place. Who knew, right? In line for the bounce house, Eliza was kicked in the face. I did not witness it happen and the story doesn't quite make sense based on Eliza's claims. She was in line and a boy kicked her. No, she says, it didn't happen in the bounce house. So yes, Eliza was karate chopped in line and ended up with this little shiner. 
The good thing is, she is tough. She didn't come crying to me. I doubt she would have mentioned it if I hadn't noticed her abrasion. Kim and/or Melanie can attest that it looked nastier in real life. I would hate for someone to call me out for over-exaggerating. Me? Never! ;) 

SO THEN, while I was chatting with these nice ladies, Lottie took this EPIC SPILL and landed, MOUTH WIDE OPEN on the CoRnEr of the table. GASP GASP GASP. There were INSANE tears and BLOOD. ANDREW, seriously, her poor lip had been cut open! And it made her cry. REAL HARD. 

....until I gave her a binkie and a blankie and she like instantly got over it.

So, like I said, the cafeteria was kind of scary. But the food was good. Because I know you were wondering. 
We returned outside for games and cotton candy. 
Did you know that Eliza has mad hula hooping skills? Again, ask Kim. It was hilarious and awesome... probably my favorite thing that night.
The night ended with a visit to the Petting Zoo. Consider yourself  'green lit.' You are hereby allowed to buy the kids that bunny you're always talking about. Lottie's reaction to the bunnies filled me with a ridiculous amount of warm fuzzies. 
 Passing by the country map, Lottie proudly claimed her Carolina heritage. We love you, South Carolina!

 And there you have it love. The whole story. We missed you. Do me a favor take a ridiculous amount of pictures when you have downtime... not of machinery and all that good engineering stuff, but of the scenery, etc.

Alison Ann

P.S. Look at how much they've grown.


tortured mormon mom said...

We have really cute Dutch bunnies for sale! Two boys and two girls. Let me know!

Karina said...

Looks like fun. Eliza's hula hoop pose is impressive, I am jealous.

Vause Family said...

Dear Andrew,

Eliza's hula hoopin' was amazing. Lottie's crash in the cafeteria was a bit exaggerated, but the bump on Eliza was fo real! Your wife may dramatize things a bit, but she's the fun mom because she took your kids to the crazy hair station and I wouldn't let my kids go near it.

Your friend,