Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Parade of Faces

Per my sister Ami's suggestion, we started Pioneer Day off right with a parade in Ogden. Out of respect for our ancestors, we didn't murmur with the arrival of a rain storm. It drizzled off and on, but thankfully it didn't seem to dampen the children's spirit (Ba-dum-CHING!).

The parade was a visual treat. Impressive floats, marching bands, vintage cars, pageant Queens astride horses, over-sized tractors and the occasional toss of candy captured their attention. Despite my claims of the parade's excellence, I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in terms of proof. It would seem that my attention was continually diverted to the faces of my children.   

When given the choice between Mom's lap or a spot next to her brother and sister, Lottie didn't hesitate. For the duration of the parade, she was content up front with the kids. The only use she had for me was to dispose of her candy wrappers.

It's okay though. 
My boyfriend had the day off from work. Thank you, Utah.
Lottie's curls are the real deal, folks. I love them. 
I'm still searching for a Disney Princess tie-in to the celebration of Utah's Pioneers. Despite an obvious link, I am not complaining. We'll take a hug from Belle any day!  
As for Henry, he lit up like a firework when he saw the massive train of John Deere tractors. Wearing his trademark overalls, bright yellow shirt and red hat made him the perfect tractor fan. It's a visual that this Mom will always remember.

Spending time with the Chamberlains was so fun that we decided to keep the party going with an afternoon stop to the Farmington swimming pool. Nana Marie was able to join us which made the afternoon that much more enjoyable.
 Wanting to exhaust our kids further, our evening was spent at a Flegal family reunion. That's up next.

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