Monday, July 23, 2012

Pack, Party, Recover (repeat)

"Did someone say, 'Party'?!"

It's true. We have a party animal on our hands. 

A few minutes after finishing the laundry that accompanied us home from Lake Powell, I found myself on my bedroom floor, surrounded by a mountain of clean laundry, packing up for our next adventure. This time, we were preparing for a trip to the mountains with my side of the family.
Together we fished, explored, boated, swam, played, crafted and got on each others nerves bonded. In all seriousness, it was awesome. I love my family and feel lucky that we've been able to spend a generous slice of our summer with the Flegal and Mays crews. 

Here come the highlights:

Craft time with Nana Marie

Nana planned two activities that the children simply loved. Carrying on from a tradition that she started last year, the children decorated a 2012 table cloth.
 The following day, the kids decorated shirts. My personal favorite was my niece Kaitlyn's shirt that read, "Member of Team Annoying"... In her mind, a deal was struck that she will be wearing her shirt on the first day of school this year. Let us know how that goes down, Aunt Jen!
 Eliza probably spent the most time at the table adding various artistic elements to her shirt. Her middle name is still "Art Enthusiast."
Using Henry's thumb print, we made spiders... cute and clever.
 Lottie supervised her Mother's work.

I SPY....

Moose & Chipmunks (and hummingbirds too) were chief among the wild life we enjoyed watching. Andrew caught five or six chipmunks for observation. It was a thrill each time it happened. Fear not, they were physically unharmed. As for the potential for emotional damage, I can not make any guarantees!
 There were a few fishing excursions that Andrew likewise led. Lottie and I opted out, hence the lack of photo remembrance. Henry and Eliza both came home victorious. Watching Henry's hands expand more and more each time he described the size of his fish proved that he truly is a fisherman in training.
on their way to fish
in Papa's truck
It was unanimous between the kids that the 'wild' ride in the back of Papa's truck was the most exciting, thrilling moment of the entire trip.  

The Private Beach

The water level at Echo Lake is low. When you combine that information with the fact that we were there on a Thursday, you are left with an empty beach.
 It was fabulous. The cloud cover was pretty great too.
 The children took turns riding the tube. It doesn't seem like much, but the kids loved it. Their time on the beach was also very fun.

Meet Joey
 Three months ago, Michael and Sunnee had a baby. His name is Joey and I am totally smitten. 

Joey made a shirt too!
Cousin Love
Birthday boy!

Alpine Slide

I Love These Faces

Even when they are sad.

Final Favorites

 Thank you, Mom and Dad!


*Jess* said...

Did I spy someone having family pictures made? There seems to be some matching Flegal shirts in some of those pictures!

-erika :) said...

What a fun trip! It makes me want to have a Mays family reunion since the last time we had one was I think when we were little girls!

rachel garber said...

You know how I am jealous of your summer? Yeah, it's totally true! You are having all kinds of fun adventures - and I am loving reading every minute :)