Saturday, April 14, 2012

He's in New York (day one)

Dear Andrew,

Because I was -----> thisclose <----- to accompanying you on your business trip to New York (of all places, geez!), having you away has been tough. On the bright side, I am pleased to inform you that my "support staff" have been top notch in your absence.

Our youngest little Miss seems to be the most troubled as she doesn't fully understand the circumstance. More than once I have found her staring out into the yard from a window; repeating your name over and over.

"Dada!... Dada?!" Last night I asked her,

"Lottie, where is Daddy?!" Without hesitating she pointed to the garage. According to my observation, it's been determined that Lottie assumes that when you aren't around; that you're either working in the yard or out messing in the garage. The sound of car engines also revs her up with excitement that you are finally home. This behavior would pull at your heart strings.

Here are a few photos from Thursday that I thought you might enjoy. 

Lottie likes to wrestle like her Daddy. She calls this move the "air freshener."

It's a shame that our children don't really like each other. ;)

And finally, to Liz and Mark:

You are so kind to let him stay with you for the weekend. Do me a favor and please encourage Andrew to take pictures!

I love you, Andrew.



Andrew Flegal said...

Love you too. Thanks for the pictures. See you soon.

Liz Green said...

We loved having Andrew visit. It was soooo much fun.