Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Over-sized Easter Sunday photos

The children in their Sunday best.

Eliza was kind to indulge my request for additional photos.
Henry's glasses are already broken. He can wear them, but they are crooked. It makes the challenge of picture taking even more tricky. Since wearing glasses, his crossed vision has become more pronounced - hence the successful side shot.
Henry's darling Easter tie made by my friend Audra
Check out her website here

It was when I began taking pictures of Lottie that I clued into the fact that Church had started. Yikes!



In the midst of the excitement that surrounded the discovery of Easter baskets and the mouth watering smells of breakfast, something felt off Easter morning. Already bouncing off the walls, I gave the kids a heads up that we needed to simmer down from the sugar high so that we could take some time to talk about the Savior.

"Christmas" Eliza began, "is about Jesus. Not Easter." Convinced she's just shown me the light, Eliza beams. 

Doing my best to annoy, I obnoxiously imitate the sound of a loud, unsettling buzzer. Ding dong, you're wrong, Eliza. By the way, I'm feeling like a parental failure at that moment. With the help of this video, we were able to shift gears.
 Henry, patiently sitting in Andrew's lap, remained quiet but attentive. Lottie was up in her bed taking a pre-church nap. Eliza was a heap of emotion. Reluctant, yet precious, tears streamed down her face as she shared her five year old insight and asked questions. The time spent was short and sweet, but had a lasting effect on the rest of my day. And while I like to think it impacted them as well, their specified Easter brain memory space had already been filled with competing memories: Easter baskets, cousins, omelets and... motorcycles.

Easter night was spent at Bubba and Nanna's house. Aunt Katie made a delicious dinner which left us eager to return the favor.


Andrew Flegal said...

Ian so glad that you blog so that I can see my family when I miss you.

Ali said...

@ Andrew

We miss you too. Have a great trip, love.

BnK said...

love the scooter pic. lottie in that yellow dress in a DOLL.