Saturday, April 14, 2012

The pity party (day 2)

Dear Andrew,

With the weekend in full swing, the children and I needed a diversion to keep our minds occupied. While you were hustling and bustling about Times Square and Rockefeller center, we cooked up a scheme that involved cousins, pizza, salad (just for Mark), chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows.
Some of the gang...

I'm sure the Shake Shack was wonderful, 
but I think Eliza's marshmallow 
could qualify as a close second.
Henry was full of snuggles tonight.. 
Despite being covered by the lingering stench of campfire smoke, 
he has proven to be irresistible.

Insert imaginary photo of Lottie here:


What a doll right?
It was cold. 
Lottie was content playing with the adults who 
were to weak sauce
preferred to stay and visit inside. ;)

 As for Uncle Mike;
He ran the show outside. 
In your place, he started and tended to the fire,
played on the swing set with the kids,
hit me a couple of times with a ball via the slingshot 
and did... this?!?
As a side note:
Three cheers for Eliza.
The kids wanted to play with the slingshot  and
I didn't know how to open the third car garage door.
She showed me exactly what to do.
She is five. I am twenty eight.
I'm sure I would have eventually figured it out?
Scott was cool.
He was the only one to make his own roasting stick out of a branch.
 Say "Cheese" Sara!

 FYI: It's been suggested by Mike
that you build another slingshot
to ensure that the summer's 
onslaught of water balloon fights are fair.

Thanks to my family for making the drive up. It's nice taking a turn to host and to have that break from making the drive down to Salt Lake. My Mom is a super star as she drove up twice today. This morning she accompanied me to an eye appointment. I would have left her home with the kids, but because I am severely inept until those dilating drops are out of my system, the children tagged along with Nana so she could drive me home. 

Have a perfect day exploring New York tomorrow with your sister. You deserve it. We love you and are so lucky that you're ours.



Jennifer Anne said...

Thanks for having us up Ali! We had so much fun. You are the hostess with the mostess!! Lets do it again soon. Tyler has been asking all day when he can go back to Henry's house.

Liz Green said...

Thanks for sharing Andrew with us. We had so much fun and hope he enjoyed his stay. We are also looking forward to your future visit in the fall. :)
Miss you guys. Truman keeps asking when he can go to Utah. Hope it's soon! xo