Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

Wanting to live up to the "wild and crazy" hype that surrounds 'spring break,' we spent a morning this week exploring the Church History Museum, near Temple Square. We are wild.

 Nana Marie, a fellow rebel without a cause, joined us.
Aunt Allison works at the museum. She was able to steal away from her desk to spend a few minutes with us. The kids loved it.
 "No school! Let's Party have a fiesta!"


Lottie loved the experience as much as the older kids. However, she didn't take the news that it was time to leave as well as Henry and Eliza did. She loudly protested. Still, seeing that she belongs to their crew sure makes me happy.

After leaving the museum, we walked the temple grounds. It was a lovely day.

The fact that we woke up to a snow covered lawn this morning will not soil the happy Spring time memory.

 Even though, I will admit, the sight of seeing my own "popcorn blossomed" tree covered in another layer of white made me a little depressed... 
Yes. I'm in a hurry for Spring to stay. But that's about the only thing about life that needs rushing. These kidlets of mine are welcome, warmly invited, highly encouraged to stay little.

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