Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New York and back

It turns out that Andrew's trip included a day three and four. From my end, there isn't anything spectacular or particularly blog worthy to share. As fascinating as it would be to see pictures of me glued to the screen of my laptop as I eagerly devoured the first season of Downton Abbey; while my children begged me to fulfill their basic needs (FRUIT SNACKS, Mom!! We need fruit snacks!), no one was around to capture such justifiable neglect. ;) In my defense, I began the series after my children were in bed Saturday night. Sunday, however, my children were left to fend for themselves!

Downton Abbey... * sigh. Deprived of a quality obsession far too long, I feel that I, a parched beggar, has just discovered a sanity saving supply of ice water. I drank in the Downton drama. More please.

And then there was that episode at Church that led to the premature exit from Sacrament meeting with my reluctant children in tow.

"But I wanted to visit the candy lady, Mom!" Eliza had protested. Sacrament is the third meeting of our three hour block. A kind and generous sister brings a bag of treats to share with the children which she disperses at the end of Church. Eliza was distraught beyond measure over my unexpected instruction that we were leaving early. With an overtired, need of a diaper change, baby in one arm and the bag of junk we feel necessary to take each week to church in the other, I marched Eliza out as best I could. Henry, bless his heart, did as he was told.

I had no intention to blog about me. A million words later, I will shift gears back to Andrew's trip to New York. Liz was kind to share her beautiful pictures; many of them you'll also see on her blog post about his visit. Feeling no need to convince you that I'm a patron saint, I can honestly say that I have no resentment or ugly jealousy that he was able to go. Sincerely, I am happy he had this adventure. He works so hard. Not to mention, the sentimental attention he throws my way when he comes home from traveling is pretty awesome.

Saturday morning, 
Liz, Andrew and Truman 
biked through Central park.

In relaying detail from his trip,
Andrew had more to say about 
the joy of seeing this dogwood tree
than anything else!

The Green's amazing view from their apartment.
They live on the 22nd floor of their building!

FUN fact:
Andrew's sister, Liz, married Mark Green.
Mark Green and I were next door neighbors as kids. 
I told you it was fun.

Cute dads easily transition into cute Uncles.
"Hi Henry!" 

Another FUN fact:
Truman was born four days before his cousin Henry. 
Pictures of their first meeting here.

Friday night they celebrated Mark and Andrew's birthday.
They went to the shake shack.
Saturday afternoon they went and saw Hunger Games.
Times Square

Picnic time.

There's that fun uncle again.

Thank you Green family!
We love you
and hope to see you soon!!


BnK said...

fun fun fun

rachel garber said...

is downtown abbey as addictive and time-worthy as lost? i have been so hesitant to watch it because i'm afraid i'll get sucked right in. but i so. want. to.

Andrew Flegal said...

Really, the dogwood tree was so awesome.

Liz Green said...

I love how Andrew finds such great joy in natures beauty. Thanks again for the visit.

We love you too and hope to be seeing you soon...