Monday, April 9, 2012

S'more spring break fun

Unable to recall the particulars, I do remember that Eliza's skills of debate were getting the better of me. Finding the necessary loophole, I turn toward the kitchen counter where she sits.

"Either way, it doesn't matter what I think, Eliza. It's Dad's rule. He's the boss." Nearby, Henry perks up. Chiming in, he adds:

"And Charlie's a boss and Ashton and Miss Kim's a boss, and Alex..." Henry loves those "bosses;" which is why I was not surprised by his enthusiastic whoop when I told him that the Vause family would be coming over for s'mores last Thursday night. Wednesday's beautiful weather had been chased away by a cold front which made the fire all the more welcome. 

 "Hey Henry! Would you like some graham cracker with your marshmallow?!"

In the 7.5 years that we've been married, we have not once used our dutch oven. Wanting to redeem ourselves from such pitiful neglect, I tried my hand at my friend Michelle's peach cobbler recipe. According to my memory, it wasn't the fabulous home run that it was whenever Michelle made it. Even so, it all disappeared. It was a good start. 

The kids had fun on the playground and made use of the sling shot for a few rounds of 'angry birds' (the adults stood in as the pigs).  We ended with a dance party. As memorable as Eliza's "moves" are, it was Charlie who really stole the show with his break dancing.

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Sara M. Taylor said...

That looks like lots of fun. We want to be your neighbors. You guys know how to party! Loved the leaf blower fun too:)