Monday, April 23, 2012

an honest salesman

 "She's got spirit,
ya, ya, 
she's got spirit..."

 Last week, Eliza enthusiastically took part in her elementary school's
"Spirit Week!"
My camera was so excited.

 Monday: Sock day. 
Eliza borrowed my lucky socks. 
It marked our first ever mother/daughter clothing exchange!
Monumental, right?! Ha.

Tuesday: Hat day
Wednesday: Pajama day
It's lucky for you, dear reader,
that I am providing these helpful captions. 
Thursday: Crazy Hair day
Another difficult one to decipher.
Friday: Bring your sister to school day
Lottie wishes. 
It was school colors day. 

Spirit week wouldn't be complete without a book fair and a P.T.A. fundraiser. Her school's fundraiser of choice was a walk-a-thon. Rather than selling wrapping paper or cookie dough, Eliza's task was to straight up ask for money. In return, she would walk/jog laps; something that proved to be totally lame. She did 
it anyway.

Call me non-supportive, but the idea of walking her around the neighborhood and asking for money made me uncomfortable. Issuing the power of parental delegation, Andrew was thus assigned. With her head of crazy hair, Eliza went door to door asking if one dollar could be spared. 13 dollars later, I would say she was successful. 

While visiting the home of a dear neighbor, Eliza was invited inside. Not only did she receive her highest donation of the day, but she was also offered gummy bears! The doting woman began telling Eliza about her 45 + chickens, among other fun tidbits when Eliza abruptly interrupted. 

"Actually, I have to go now. I only came here for the money."

And with that, Eliza and her thankfully, laughing, escort joined Andrew back outside. Despite her intention, Eliza ended up seeing the chickens and played a few rounds of fetch with her dog, Norma.


Karen said...

I love how you documented each day. I love the crazy hair. I laughed out loud and had to read to Kevin about Eliza's "interaction" with the neighbor! I can understand your lack of desire for walking around the neighborhood to ask for money. I wouldn't want to either.

Allison said...

Haha! Oh man, I could totally picture Eliza saying that as I read. Too cute:)

Camille said...

I am just about dying of laughter over here at Eliza's abrupt ending to her sales call. SO AWESOME! Marty says "Our kids need to hang out with their kids." :) Anyway, cute pictures as well.

Vause Family said...

Good thing Miss Nancy has seven kids and understands completely. My favorite was crazy sock day. And when are you going to post about our rednecking?

Photography Homework said...

I love how creative you got with Eliza's clothing and hair. It's hard to pick a favorite.