Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Classic Tuesday

Driving to the DMV on Tuesday morning a familiar pang of anxiety clutched at my innards. I had a test to take. It's been years since I've felt the smattering of anticipation that accompanies the event of test taking. Even though I knew it was to be "open book," I was nervous. What if I failed? Would I jump back in my car and illegally drive to pick up my kids from school? My friend Kim's generous offer replayed through my mind as I drove.

"I would be happy to take Lottie for you while you are at the DMV."

"No, that's okay. We should be fine. I'll pack snacks, bring some toys for her..." She insisted and again, I kindly refused. After taking my personal worst license photo to date, and yes, I totally lied about how much I weigh,  I wheel Lottie over to my testing booth and begin the 25 question test. While skimming through the book, I search to find out which section of the state the mile markers begin its progression from 0 while I simultaneously do my best to keep Lottie quietly entertained. It was a challenging hour to say the least. The good news is, I didn't miss an answer. Again, a familiar taste of academic victory returned after years of being away from a classroom. Please, allow me to bask... even though it was open book... and there wasn't a time limit... You're so very kind.

March 9th marked one year since we moved back to Utah from South Carolina. You think I would have been eager to get a new Utah drivers license after how sad of an experience it had been to give it up three years ago. I'm just lazy.

The day only got better when we met with the Taylors and the Jensens for an afternoon at Classic Fun Center.
After the fun we had at Henry's party, I had them convinced that it was a great place to take all the kiddos. Fortunately the activity proved to be a great one even though we missed our Nanna Teresa. She had an accident shortly before they were planning to leave which resulted in an injured hand. We're thankful she is doing better and understand why she wasn't able to come.

 You'll never guess what we had for dinner. A post these days wouldn't be complete without mentioning that we ate pizza. The Taylors accepted a last minute invitation to come up to our house for dinner; so following a quick text to Andrew, we had Little Caesars in the works.
"Ya. They're real." - Andrew

After eating the kids ran over to our neighbors to play on their wonderful playground while the grown ups, Shipley and Lottie played a few rounds of Bocce. We were so happy that cousin Kara came over. She is officially our nearest and dearest family member as her and her husband live five minutes away from us. I hope this was the first of many visits to come! As for the Bocce, never volunteer to be on my team. I am a terrible player.

We loved the time spent with Andrew's family this week. Henry was eager for Tennessee to come back and play Wednesday morning which was pretty darn cute. We miss our New Yorkers like mad and hope they will get out to Utah again soon.

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Michelle said...

Reading your blog makes me completely jealous of your family time. We need cousins close by! Come to think of it...we need you close by!