Saturday, March 3, 2012

flannel to the rescue

The calm atmosphere of our slow moving Sunday morning was abruptly shattered when Andrew, who had been on his way upstairs to take a shower, begins shouting:

"The horses got out!" My generally low-key husband was in an absolute panic. Trying to piece together the cause of his distress, I walk toward the back door to investigate. Meanwhile, he continues to verbalize his concern for the horses. Hastily, he puts on his jacket.

"Where are my shoes?" He yells as he runs out of the room. To his dismay, my brain doesn't make the connection that he is looking for the specific pair that I had put away in the hall closet less than two minutes before this all began.

One of our favorite backyard scenes comes courtesy of our neighbors. They have a charming, fenced in, pasture area that is home to two beautiful horses. I particularly enjoy watching these horses from my kitchen window as I scrub dishes.

And though I can't see the horses from where I'm standing now, it would appear based on my husband's claims that he saw them outside of their fence. Then, the strangest thing happens. After lamenting over the time lost in the pursuit of his shoes, he checks the hall closet. Looking in the exact basket where adult shoes are kept, he FINDS them!! I have to tease him because he did give me a hard time for failing to communicate that I had put them away, but the point was, they were put away in their proper place; which was the last place he chose to look.

With his shoes now tied, he makes his way to the back door. I wait with expectation for him to holler,

"Come on, Lassie!! Let's go! The horses have escaped from the pasture and its up to us to find them, girl!"

Having zero idea what he's planning, the children and I watch as he runs through the snow and up the hill. Rather than a donning a cape and mask, this super hero is still in his pajama pants, classic red flannel jacket and is sporting a messy, bedhead inspired, hair-do.

A short time later, I learn that he went immediately to the horse owner's front door. For the first time, he introduces himself and informs them that their horses were seen walking up the road that separates our homes. What I assume is a result of embarrassment, the details of their response was sparse. Suffice it to say, they appreciated his concern and were quick to reassure him that they were aware that their horses were out, being led by a person, on a walk.

Clearly, said person had not been seen by Andrew. Bless his heart. At least they now know what a good hearted neighbor they have looking out for them.  


Sara M. Taylor said...

That is so Andrew to be concerned about the animals. He is so loving. I loved the ending of your tale. Did he laugh?

Liz Green said...

I never knew you had neighbors that own horses. Sara is right in that sounds like something Andrew would do. I'm glad he is just as caring with his kids as he is with animals.

BnK said...

I bet he has a special connection because we grew up with horses just over the fence from us. We loved throwing old apples and pears over the fence for them to eat.

Megan said...

ali, you are amazing at keeping record of your life and your family's life. i have a lot to learn from you. what a treasure this is going to be to your posterity! great story too. so funny!