Thursday, March 1, 2012

Song birds

Standing directly in front of me, Henry says:

"Mom, I want to sing you a song and I promise its not about poo." I needed a moment to recover from laughter before I was able to offer my full attention.While demonstrating an impressive range, Henry expressed his love for his house and how he hopes to find presents here on his birthday. Grabbing my camera, I asked him to sing me another one. He is quite the lyricist. 

If you're wondering whether or not his eyes were crossed, I assure you they were. At the beginning of the year, Andrew and I began to notice that when he studies objects at close range, his right eye turns in. After a trip to his pediatrician and then to a pediatric ophthalmologist, it was confirmed that he is farsighted.

In an effort to correct the crossing and assist with the blurry vision he experiences at close range, he will be in glasses full time. If the glasses don't solve the crossing problem, he will most likely have eye surgery. I can't say this is a huge shock considering that my eyes began to cross at age three. In Kindergarten I was wearing bifocals. Eventually,  two surgeries were necessary to correct that problem. We frequently joke about how much Henry resembles his Dad in both looks and personality. It's a relief to see (pun intended) that I was able to pass on to him one of my finest traits! Ha!

Adding to the obvious symptom of crossed eyes, this also might account for the numerous bonks and bumps to his head. Toddlers can be clumsy, sure, but this dear child of ours seems to miss obvious objects like counter tops and walls. Again, I am his Mother so his streak of bad luck could simply be traced back to that fact. 

Despite the change, we are thankful there is help available to him, that the problem was noticed early as I suspect it will have an impact on learning to read (etc), that Andrew had the thought to add him on to our vision insurance plan this past fall and that Henry's been such a great sport during his testing and vision check ups.

Wish me luck as I do my best to make sure that he keeps his glasses on during the day. The glasses that I selected were on on back order. Hopefully they will be ready within a week.   


Karen said...

I love little kids in glasses. I can't wait to see him!

BnK said...


Karina said...

i'm sure henry will look so cute. :) excited to see the pics of him in his new glasses.