Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henry had a birthday!

Our favorite little man has turned four! 

Henry, we love you very much.. 

Your laugh is probably my favorite sound in the world.

You are very thoughtful.
After returning from driving Eliza to school each day, 
you hold the door open for me without being asked.

You are a darling friend and loyal brother.

You love to have your back scratched.
Frequently you curl up next to me
and insist that I immediately commence 
scratching your back. And I do.

You are imaginative. 
Dinner time and driving in the car you share your 
"Once upon a time" stories. 
They usually include little boys named Henry as well as 
bats, alligators or witches... all of them are nice.

You sleep walk. 
It can be funny 
but it also scares me to death.
The staircase has me worried.

You're my music maker. 
You have embraced "singing time" in Primary
among other places.

You are a smart, brave boy!
 It has been a delight watching you grow and learn.
I love the pictures you bring home from school. 

Your little testimony is bright and 
hearing you talk of Jesus
strengthens me.

We love you Henry. 
Here's to another great year!

Your birthday began with balloons and pancakes. After Church we drove to Salt Lake to celebrate with a party at Nanna Teresa and Bubba's house. Adding to the fun was the arrival of the Taylor family! Visiting and playing with them was the "icing on the cake."   

Pretty great group, right? Thanks again Nanna for dinner, the awesome cake and gifts.

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