Thursday, March 8, 2012

Team Dada!

With the time Andrew will spend sitting in a Vegas airport today, I thought he might appreciate a dose of flegality. The star of today's show is his favorite child Lottie.

Queen Lottie has laid claim to our family shoe supply. The daily fashion show starts before breakfast. In addition to her awareness of fashion (whose child is this?), other facets of her personality are continuing to emerge; endearing us to her even more. Here's a sampling of our babe at (soon to be) 17 months. 

Behind her knowing smile is the admission of guilt. She absolutely can say my name. I hear it often. When she is ready to be retrieved from her crib or needs an immediate drink of water, she puts my name on repeat. However, when I crave a dose of her love and acknowledgement, she playfully replies:

"Dada!" She finds joy in teasing me. I have NO IDEA where she gets that from.

In other words: they are soul mates.

Travel home safe, Andrew. Watch out for that solar storm. ;)  We love you!


Andrew Flegal said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Karina said...

Ha ha! Becca does that to me too sometimes - little Daddy's girl. Lottie's cute, she reminds me of you. I am sure that Andrew's stay in the Las Vegas airport was so short, otherwise you would've told us, RIIIIGHT???! :)