Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henry's birthday bike

Having celebrated with friends a couple of days early, Andrew and I decided that we would wait and present Henry with his new bike on his actual birthday, Sunday, March 11th. Thinking it would be out of the way, I stashed it in the back corner of Andrew's man cave.

Saturday morning, Andrew invited Henry to tag along on his errand to buy oil. Thrilling, I know. Coming home, Henry meandered into the garage and made the discovery. Full of enthusiasm he exclaims,

"Whoa! Dad! Come look at that really cool bike!!" Panicking, Andrew offers a pathetic cover up.

"That's not a bike, Henry. That's just a really big picture of a cool bike." Wanting to trust his Dad, he accepts his response with a solemn,


Two minutes later, we make the unanimous decision to give him his bike right then.

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