Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Legos and Leprechauns

"Kiss me. I'm (not at all) Irish"

Henry's birthday celebration began last Wednesday when we met up with his party crew for a day at Classic Fun Center. There we enjoyed an afternoon of bouncing, pizza, birthday presents, roller skating and...


We were all set to go with a "doughnut cake" when I saw this idea floating around Pinterest the day before the party. Curse you Pinterest for your magical way of deceiving me into believing I can do these things! Off we went to collect the necessary ingredients. I thought that because the cakes were frozen Sara Lee 'already ready' pound cakes, that the project wouldn't be that time intensive. I forgot to factor in that I would be the one making this; so even with the help of Andrew, it took us two and a half hours. As expected, Henry's reaction to seeing his cake made our late night worth it. 

The morning of his party, Henry kept asking me in the sweetest of whispers,

"Can I go peek at my cake again?" It's been the topic of many conversations since. Another positive was that my prediction that most of it would end up in the garbage was proven false. I owe that achievement to Sara Lee because their was nothing special about the way that icing tasted.

The party favors were likewise well received. Lucky for me I had an assistant leprechaun helping me sort through all those candies. What a painful assignment, right?!

Other highlights from Henry's party include:
  • Henry's Daddy was able to take off work for the afternoon to be there
  • Cousin Sara and Eliza "dancing" in the roller rink
  • Lottie soaking herself in sprite. 
  • The small crowd of people
  • His friend's excitement as he opened their gifts
  • The DJ playing Henry's favorite song; Cee Lo Green's version of "Kung Fu Fighting." As Henry would say, "Oh ya, Bay-bah!"
  • Spoiling Henry with birthday love attention. He's not the type of kid who demands or expects much so when it's "his turn" to step into the spotlight, he's pretty darn cute.


Happy Birthday to my big four year old. I love you so much, Henry.


Karen said...

I'm so glad you had such a good birthday celebration. Looks wonderful!

Karina said...

impressive cake. impressive mom.