Monday, March 5, 2012


Last Friday Dr. Seuss turned 108.
One hundred and eight,
That is great!
Except of course, when you're running late.

Which happened to be me
and my beloved three
early in the morning
 last Fri-dee.

"Can we go to his birthday breakfast?"
I said that we could
so in the line for food 
we stood and stood 

(longer than any Mother of three should)

Once we'd filled our trays, we had to rush
Quick bites of apple and hot mush
Oh what a fuss it is to rush
but we had to hurry and catch our bus!

You see, this isn't where our story ends
Eliza and I had a field trip to attend

Lucky for me, along the way
my dear friends stepped in 
and saved the day
Taking Henry and Lottie
To their homes to play

I was then free
to spend my morn
with my sweet firstborn

The craziness and drama 
soon melted into bliss
Eliza's portrayal as 'sensible pig'
wasn't to be missed

Other treasures from the day
I've stored away
Into my memory
where they will stay

I love my kids, oh yes its true
and that brilliant Dr. Seuss,
I love him too!
For him, today, I've attempted to
play with words, 
the way he'd do

Oh can it be?
How quick they grow
My kids, all three

Fortunately for you, dear reader, poetry attempts are few and far between on the 'ole blog. Thanks for allowing me this small indulgence today. Thank you, Kim and Naloni for taking Henry and Lottie (and their uneaten breakfast) off to play so I could accompany Eliza on her field trip. Watching her on stage was truly delightful and I have to say, her teacher and I both felt she was perfectly cast as "Sensible Pig."

The happiness of our day continued with a surprise visit from my Mom after school. And because putting her to work is what we do best, my Mom gave Eliza a much needed trim and polished Henry's hairline as well. Lottie was pretty much thrilled to discover her here post nap time. She would have nothing to do with me. I'll pretend like it didn't hurt my feelings. It was welcome start to a great weekend.

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Karina said...

Dr. Seuss would be proud of you.