Wednesday, March 21, 2012

twenty eight

I had a very happy birthday.

Thank you Andrew for breakfast, decorating the kitchen (brown moving paper never looked so good), the love note and for sending me to IKEA with my Mom. It was a brilliant three hours of shopping.

Thank you Mom for spending the morning with me, the gift, the chocolate trifle and for the cute party you threw for Henry and me. You're the best.

Thank you Eliza, Henry and Charlotte for the hugs and loves and special pictures.

Thank you Bubba and Nanna for playing with my kids on Saturday, for taking them to the bread store for those cookies, for a yummy birthday dinner, for the gifts and for loving me despite my level of crazy. :)

Thank you Ami for thinking of me. You are so generous. 

Thank you Michelle for arranging another special delivery all the way from Canada. I'll set an appointment for MAY when we both can go!!

Thank you Karina for your darling card.

Thank you friends and family for the facebook messages & texts. I loved and appreciated them all.

I am a lucky girl. It's probably because I am a St. Patrick's Day baby. ;)


BnK said...

Sorry, I'm the worst sister-in-law. Happy belated.

*Jess* said...

It sounds like a great day! :)

rachel garber said...

Hey! Are we really the same age?? I kept thinking you were a year older - and don't you dare take that as an insult or something - I always think people with kids are a year older than me or something . . . I am glad you had such a good day! I thought about you Saturday (my 28th birthday was Sunday and was a disaster, so it won't get a blog posting).

rachel garber said...

Hope I didn't offend you with my last comment! Yay for Ikea. Love that place.

Michelle said...

May works for me. I'll keep my schedule open. I can't wait to use your birthday present! ;)