Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Henry Potter

 Our darling boy has glasses!


At Sunday dinner, my brother Mike made an unconventional observation. Pointing to Henry he says,

"If Daniel Radcliffe and your husband produced a child, he'd look like that." I have a hard time agreeing with my brother (on so many levels), but it is true that my unwavering devotion to the boy wizard has tripled as I imagine sharing those books with Henry in the coming years.

His reaction after putting them on for the first time made my heart swell. It was his expression at really seeing the optometrist that triggered the rush of emotion.

Laughing at his reaction, she asks him:

"Can you see me now?!" Nodding his head with enthusiasm he replies,

"Yes!" Looking around, he spies Lottie.

"And I can see Lottie too!" It was a happy moment. To celebrate his new glasses, I told him I'd take him to the bread store (Sara Lee bakery outlet) to pick out a package of doughnuts. How is that for stellar parenting? Don't answer that. As we're driving, Henry pipes up from the back seat.

"Wow! I really LIKE to be able to see, Mom!"  The adjustment is going well. The backs of his ears were tender in the beginning but that doesn't seem to be much of a bother to him now. Until his glasses become the norm, I will resist the temptation of presenting him with a wand, drawing a lightening scar on his forehead and wrapping him in a maroon and gold scarf.


Liz Green said...

You are right. It's Henry Potter! Now you just wonder at what age it is appropriate for them to watch the movies.

Karen said...

He looks so handsome! His responses to wearing glasses is so sweet.

Karina said...

yay! i want to cry. that's so great. he looks cute.

Natalie said...

He looks so cute with them:) And I think the donuts... awesome:) LInc did great at the dentist today, He wanted a happy meal:) So ya he got one:)

Michelle said...

He is sooo cute! Bring him over to our house and I'm sure my boys can give him a scar on his forehead.

Ali said...

You guys are the best. Your support means a lot. I know its just glasses, but we all know how well I adapt to change :)

jamie t. said...

Isn't it great when you realize they can see better! We felt that way when our brooklyn got glasses. We felt lucky we caught it early. and yes, Henry potter it is!

Melissa said...

So cute! My isaac just got glasses too.

Catherine said...

Those are the perfect glasses for Henry, Ali. I teared up when I read how excited he was that he could see so much better. The only bad thing is that he looks SO grown up now. What a cutie!